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Sexy Spring Cleaning – 7 Suggestions

like to call spring “Mating season”. Everyone’s pheromones are pumping extra strongly and somehow people seem to be more attractive. It could, of course, be that it’s only because we are coming out of our cold winter sex hibernation and we need to get our blood rushing through our veins again, but as the August winds start blowing I can feel it cleaning out the grim greyness of winter and blowing the prospect of new sexy springtime in.

Odette – written by Marilize Roos

Odette extract

Odette Lindholm has known for some time that she’s attracted to women―not men―but somehow she just can’t find a way to tell her family.  The matter is moot anyway; with her struggling business and her long hours, who has time for a love life?

When she finally accepts her brother’s invitation to visit Club Angelus, she is drawn to a beautiful submissive at the club and decides to explore her new role as a Domme.  But when her new submissive’s ex-boyfriend joins their relationship, she discovers a universal truth: people are complicated.

Because not only does it feel natural to wield the whip―sometimes it feels just as good to be on the other end of the lash.


    Somehow, Odette was different this time.

             Faye studied her Domme from the corner of her eye. The difference between Odette this night, and Odette of a week before, was night and day. Odette the week before, had seemed lost and overwhelmed. The Odette currently perching on the edge of the desk, legs crossed and ogling Faye’s ass, was a Dominant, and her presence made her arousal fizz in her veins.

             She’d changed into the same school uniform from the week before, tying the tails of the white shirt into a knot just under her breasts and knotting the striped tie around her throat without threading it through the collar. Instead of pantyhose with the polished Mary Janes, this uniform was issued with a pair of thigh-highs.

             She studied Odette for a moment more before she segued into character and flounced over to her seat in the front row. She slid into the desk and slouched in the seat; on a whim, she spread her knees to tease Odette with her bare pussy. She caught Odette’s eye and ran the tip of her tongue over her edge of her top lip.

             “Miss Drummond,” Odette finally said, lacing her fingers together and resting them on her knee. “This is your second time in detention in one week. Do you care to share with the class what you have done to earn yet another punishment in such a short a space of time?”

             “I didn’t wear my regulation panties under my uniform skirt,” Faye said, affecting her most innocent expression. She had no idea how she managed to keep a straight face and not erupt with laughter.

             “Is that so?” Odette asked. She looked at the mirrored window at the back of the classroom, giving a small nod that had Faye glancing over her shoulder to see what she was looking at, but all she saw was their reflection. “That is a very serious offense, young lady―serious enough that we’ll need to involve the principal.”

             Faye frowned in confusion; this wasn’t in the script she’d had in mind.

             A pair of footsteps at the door to the classroom drew her attention and she froze when she saw Philip enter, looking as handsome as ever in his suit and white dress shirt. Her heart tripped into an excited canter at the sight of her old flame, before her better sense reminded her that they were over―she was Odette’s girlfriend and submissive now.

             “Miss Drummond,” Philip said with that stern expression that always made her wet. “Why am I not surprized?”

             “Principal Greyling,” Odette said with a significant look at Faye. “I am so glad you’re here, Sir. I’m afraid I have my hands full with Miss Drummond here. It seems she’s a repeat offender, with no regard for the dress-code. She just can’t manage to wear the correct panties under her uniform.”

             “Is that so, Miss Drummond?” Philip placed his toybag on one of the empty desks and stopped in front of Faye’s desk. He placed a finger under her chin and looked her in the eye. “And what colour are these panties supposed to be, hmmm…”


             What colour am I?

             She licked her dry lips and glanced at Odette. At her Domme’s nod, she met Philips’ gaze again. “Green, Sir,” she whispered. “The colour’s green.”

             He let out an almost imperceptible breath. “So you do know the correct uniform,” he mused.

             “Yes, Sir,” Faye lowered her eyes, unable to meet the sense of authority that emanated from him. Her body fell back into old habits, responding to him with arousal as it always did.

             “Perhaps you need a little… physical reminder to be good,” Philip mused. “Bend over your desk, Miss Drummond.”

             “No. No, please, Principal Greyling!” Faye played along. She had a pretty good idea what was coming.

             “I won’t hear ‘no’ for an answer, Miss Drummond,” Philip said.

             “Yes, sir,” she muttered, sliding out of her seat and bending over the flip-top desk. She braced her elbows on the downward slope and arched her back to present her derriere, and could feel both Odette and Philip’s eyes taking in their fill of the view.

             Philip rummaged in his toy bag. “So, Miss Lindholm; for stubborn little girls, we need to employ a more… physical reminder to be good.” She glanced over her shoulder and saw him hold up one of her favourite anal plugs. “I’ll let you do the honours.”

*Odette is an FF Club Angelus Novel, containing MF, FF and FFM scenes.

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10 Fun Facts About Kissing

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Steven arrives early Friday evening to help you prepare a romantic dinner. He’s yet to spend the night and you’re hoping that tonight will be different. He’s chopping away at the celery when you lovingly ask, “Jim, would you like another glass of wine?”

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