Embracing your Modern Goddess

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The times we live in are amazing. We have every opportunity open to us. All we have to do is decide what we want and go for it! If we want to wear a big outlandish hat today, it’s cool, we do it. If we decide that we only want to listen to French music, we do a simple search, and there it is. Unfortunately, for a lot of us though, we still live in a very conservative society, so while the ways and means are out there, a lot of women are reluctant to explore, for fear of the repercussions within their own community. Now I’m going to keep this very general as South Africa is a rich and diverse country and it would simply take too long to go into each culture individually. Anyway, when it comes down to it…

Women are basically the same the world over

Ask most women, and they’ll tell you. They want to be loved, understood, adored, pampered, and the modern woman also wants to be allowed her independence. So it’s a very fine balance. Let’s face it. It’s becoming more and more acceptable for women to explore and embrace their sexuality. In fact, the modern man encourages and enjoys it. Women that are not being held back by religious, spiritual, or other beliefs are looking for opportunities to be the sexiest, most dynamic woman they can be. We pride ourselves on our wardrobe, our hair, nails, and make-up. It’s not all about being materialistic. It’s about being confident and knowing what you want.

So do we know what we want in the bedroom?

I must say, I’ve worked in a women’s sex shop for many years, and one of the first questions I have always ask my customers, is what kind of stimulation do you enjoy? And sadly, about 70% of women don’t know. And so I urge you, explore, play, see what you can do. You won’t believe what an orgasm can do for your self-esteem! The great thing too, is that once the body has experienced one great orgasm, it starts wanting another, and pretty soon, it’ll be part of your daily ritual and you’ll be walking around with the healthiest glow you’ve ever had!

Your Inner Goddess outside the Bedroom

So we spoke earlier about our hair, nails, and wardrobe. But what about going a little deeper… Here’s a great tip – wear sexy underwear. If you put on a R20 pair of panties, you’re going to feel like R20, but if you put on a R100 pair of panties, you’ll feel like a million bucks! Go for a night out with the girls. Women are incredible. Put us in a room together with no men around, and you see a completely different species emerge. We can just be ourselves, and we are wild!! So get your girls together, gear up, and get out for some fun. Or even better, have a Girls Night In, and let the fun come to you!

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