Lux Fetish Closet Cuffs


We couldn’t wait to try out these kinky cuffs! The Lux Fetish Closet Cuffs are a great bondage toy for beginner and experienced BDSM lovers. You simply fasten the handcuffs over a door and voila! Your tied up lover will be at the mercy of your every wicked whim…enjoy! 4 pcs set: 1 pair of adjustable, cushioned, black hand cuffs and 1 pair of black door slings. 100% polyester.



Lux Fetish Closet Cuffs turn any room into a bondage playground with Closet Cuffs. Just secure the handcuff, straps over any door, fasten the cuffs and yell ACTION! This toy is perfect for naughty couples getting used to the thrill of light bondage. Lux Fetish Closet Cuffs are the quickest and easiest way to spice up any bedroom and sex life. Fully adjustable straps and easy assembly give you the ability to make any bedroom your personal sexual haven. Place the straps over the doors, lock up your lover, and close the door firmly for your new favorite position.


  • Velcro Straps
  • Adjustable Door Straps
  • Fastens Onto Most Bedroom Doors
  • Excellent for Lighter BDSM

View the full Lux Fetish here.


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