Sexy Spring Cleaning – 7 Suggestions

Sexy Spring Reset

I like to call spring “Mating season”. Everyone’s pheromones are pumping extra strongly and somehow people seem to be more attractive. It could, of course, be that it’s only because we are coming out of our cold winter sex hibernation and we need to get our blood rushing through our veins again, but as the August winds start blowing I can feel it cleaning out the grim greyness of winter and blowing the prospect of new sexy springtime in.

Whether we’re married, committed, dating around, or even just taking a little time to ourselves right now, there’s no time like springtime to explore some new possibilities and venture outside of our comfort zones. Here are some suggestions on preparing for spring.

Clean out your toy box

Are you holding expired condoms hostage? Dried out lubricants? Old sex toys you no longer use? A spring cleaning session is a perfect time to inspect each of your toys and see if they need to be replaced. Pay special attention to integrity issues like broken water seals, frayed cords, cracks, marks, or areas where the toy’s surface is peeling. Now is the perfect time to let go of anything that’s just not working for you and treat yourself to some fun new things you’re genuinely excited about using.

Treat Yourself to a New Sex Toy

You don’t need to be single to appreciate everything a really amazing sex toy brings to the table. Vibrators, probes, dildos, and more aren’t just great ways to get to know your own body better. They’re also incredible ways to take sex with a partner to the next level. That said, whether you’re in the market for your first sex toy or your umpteenth, a spring reboot is a perfect reason to go shopping for something new, innovative, or intriguing. If you’re already sex toy-experienced, now might be a great time to officially start an accessory drawer or a pleasure chest stocked with fresh options for any mood or occasion.

Get Serious About Lube

Don’t make the mistake of thinking lube is simply something to keep around “just in case”. It’s honestly one of the best, most accessible ways to take just about any sexual experience to the next level. Logging some solo time with your favourite rabbit vibrator? Add some toy-safe lube and prepare to be amazed. Getting down and dirty with your partner or treating them to a quick hand job? Lubing things up is a great way to amplify the pleasurable sensations for everyone involved. You can experiment with lubes that are cool, warm, smell amazing, or taste phenomenal as well.

Get new lingerie

If it’s ill-fitting, torn, or the colours are wrong, throw it out! We have an extensive lingerie collection for any size and any occasion. It is a new season, so consider trying something new like a different style or fabric.

Masturbate With a Partner

Masturbation isn’t just a great way to treat yourself to orgasm or relieve a little tension when you’re going it alone. Doing it in the presence of a consenting spouse, partner, or lover is seriously hot. It’s also a great teaching experience for both of you. You each get to see exactly how the other person likes to be touched and pleasured, which is information that will obviously come in handy. You can do it together simultaneously or with each other. You can take turns treating each other to a spicy little show. The sky’s the limit so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Kick Things Up a Notch in the Oral Department

When was the last time you really let go and enjoyed the experience of giving someone else some seriously amazing head? We’re not talking about your average run-of-the-mill oral sex session either. We mean the kind of oral sex that rocks worlds and curls toes. If it’s been a while, you might want to consider putting that back on the menu this spring. Pick a time when you’ve both got a while to really enjoy yourselves. Light some candles, put on some music, and take your sweet time taking your partner for a ride to remember. Feel free to add a little extra oomph with some scented lube or a sex toy if you like.

Let the Sexiest Version of Yourself Come Out to Play

Sexy is definitely a state of mind, and it starts with the basics of how we allow ourselves to feel on an everyday basis. Get in touch with the sexier side of you and look for ways to make it a part of how you live your life. Do your hair and makeup for no other reason than wanting to and liking how great it makes you feel about yourself. Put on an outfit that really hugs your curves and take some sexy selfies. Sext your partner or friend-with-benefits out of the blue during the day. Then roll with whatever happens next! You’re sure to be glad you did.

Happy Mating season!

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